Riser Sleeves

Thermotec manufactures a variety of riser sleeves to enable metal casters to produce quality castings  consistently and economically. We offer riser sleeves for steel, iron, and nonferrous foundries. We offer  many grades of risers; we produce both phenolic sleeves and inorganic sleeves, both insulating and  exothermic. Each mixture is available in all of our shapes, which include straights, neck downs, blind  risers, spheres, and domes. 

Our tooling is suited for industry standard sizes in all riser sleeve shapes. We offer fiberglass screen  placement, breaker cores in both 40% and 50% contact, different shapes breaker contacts, breaker rings,  post impregnation for extreme hardness, and custom height on straights and neck downs. Thermotec’s  riser sleeves are engineered to be used in all molding systems, and with all molding machines.

These exothermic sleeves can be custom made for your iron and steel risers with I.D.'s ranging up to 30”.

THERMOTEC Exothermic Riser Sleeves

Exothermic Mixes Available: 

Type HHB – Extreme Exothermic, high strength and density sleeve for the steel industry.

Type EXR – High Exothermic, high strength and density sleeve for steel and ferrous foundries.

Type EX – Mild Exothermic, insulating, very high density sleeve for all metals.

THERMOTEC Insulating Riser Sleeves

Insulating Mixes Available: 

Type J Economical multi-purpose riser sleeve with good refractoriness for ferrous and non-ferrous  foundries 

Type M – High strength, high density insulating sleeve for steel applications. CFNF – High insulating properties for boards and shapes

Size Charts: