Recharge Vessels

THERMOTEC Recharge Vessels

Thermotec has the ability to make recharge vessels to the size you require. This product was originally developed for the steel mills but has also found uses in the foundry industry.

The product is used to hold off temperature heats and caster diverts. It can be used to hold metal by different segregations as a divider can be put into the vessel. This residual metal can be used for recharging when the metal is still hot or at a later time when the production has need for it. These vessels were made to be used one time until full and then disposed of. These vessels are made primarily of limestone. As limestone is used as an additive element to provide clean steel the vessel will not degrade the metal when poured into it as a sand box or pit would do.

These recharge vessels can be used and considered a safety container when mechanical problems occur and heats need to be aborted. These vessels are used to avoid pouring into a pit where sand, dirt and other undesirable elements can enter into the metal chemistry and the furnace linings. The recharge vessels are easily moved by crane when empty and the weight of the vessel is already known so it helps in establishing the weight of the recharge material being put back into your furnace. The recharge vessels also help in your melt shop not having to weigh cutup material and the unsafe handling of these materials.

Other Advantages Using Thermotec Recharge Vessels:

  • No labor time and cost to cut up metal for recharge
  • No wasted BTU's if recharging when metal is hot
  • No guessing at the charge weights

Thermotec has the equipment to make from 1 ton to 15 tons presently, if you have questions on sizes to fit your operations, please contact us.