Exopours are an assembly of a vacuum formed sleeve and ceramic filter that is inserted in the  sleeve. This assembly combines to provide the foundry with the following: 

  • A pouring cup to pour metal into.
  • A filter to provide less turbulent metal stream to the mold cavity while trapping oxides,  dross, & other non-metallic material. 
  • A riser sleeve to feed metal to the solidifying casting.

Exopours can be used to replace many conventional gating systems which will reduce costs  associated with gating removal in your facility while increasing yield. We also can offer these  with an oil sand breaker core attached to the bottom of the Exopour to further reduce contact  area and save cost in the cleaning department. 

Exopour sleeves are made in our insulating & exothermic materials. Metal filtration and flow control are key components in producing good casting and reducing casting rework and scrap. We offer silicon carbide filters for grey iron and ductile iron castings and zirconia filters for steel castings. Exopour sleeve sizes are designated by the filter size 2" diameter through 8" diameter. Sleeves and filters can be ordered and shipped separately or assembled. We supply filters in 10ppi & 20ppi for both steel and iron applications in Zirconia and Carbon-bonded materials. Please specify size/filter spec and whether exothermic or insulating, other PPI sizes available upon request. Contact your local Exochem distributor for more information.