Board Ladle Liners

THERMOTEC Board Ladle Liners

Thermotec Ladle Liner systems are a light-weight refractory formulation made for low and high alloys  and Manganese Steel. All of Thermotec’s Ladle Liner Systems can be made to fit bottom pour, lip pour  and teapot ladles. 


Newly lined ladles with Thermotec Lining Systems can be assembled and ready for use within 45  minutes, and since they are made from light-weight material, no preheating is required. This can  result in a reduction of ladle shells needed to operate your melting department. 

Conventional bottom pour ladle practices of cooling, de-skulling, patching and preheating can  take several hours. Thermotec has eliminated all these operations with the Thermotec Ladle  Lining Systems. Lower tapping temperatures may be possible, which means shorter melt time  and thus increased melting capacity. More molds can be poured from a single heat because the  rate of metal cooling in the ladle is reduced by efficient insulation. 

Refractory and slag inclusions are also reduced due to the use of the ladle lining system with each  heat. Predictable and more consistent pouring temperatures through the pouring period helps  lessen the need for superheat, thus reducing shrinkage and incidents of metal temperature being  too low at the end of the heat. Please contact your local Thermotec distributor for more  information. 


• No ladle preheat 

• Easy installation 

• Single and multiple pour liners  

• Custom formulations for low and high alloys and manganese steel, from acid to basic  melt practice 


• Reduced refractory and slag inclusions 

• Reduced ladle turn-around time 

• More consistent pour temperatures 

• Lower tap temperatures 

• Reductions in operational, material and labor costs